Thursday, July 1, 2010

Read anything good lately?

Miss Boo is such an interesting child.  She gives so much to us as a family, but also requires so much in return.  Mr. Finn and I were talking about how much more work she is and he informed me it is because she is a GIRL.

She is into reading the Book of Mormon stories for Kids and she does an amazing job.   I can't believe how well she reads at only 6 years old.  She is now the official scripture reader every night and she is more than willing to do that.
 She actually can read every word.  
I'm biased, but I think that's pretty good.
 I love to see her reading a book just for the
fun of it.
I love to read and need to find more time to do it.  My last read was "First Family" by David Baldacci.  I love a good novel.  What's the last thing you read?


Shannon said...

Just finished The Postmistress. I would compare it to a delicious piece of fruit with several bruises - if you cut out (skip) the icky parts (profanity, sexual situations) it is a good read.

Shannon said...

Two more recommendations - The Girls from Ames and The Help. :) Are you on GoodReads?