Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello My Name is Hope

When I was 18 I moved to Phoenix, AZ to become a model.  Sounds a bit far reaching, doesn't it?  But alas, I was young and so enrolled in Plaza Three Academy.  It bears mentioning that it no longer exists. And... I am not a model.  I bet there is a connection there.  Not really, I just couldn't do that lifestyle after I realized what it "REALLY" entailed.  But that isn't the reason for this story...

... One afternoon the phone rang.  Earth shattering, I know.  But who was on the phone was a surprise.  She identified herself as Kirsten Hanchett.  I had no idea who she was.  She kept going on about how we had carpooled to school one day and that blah, blah, blah.  She lost me somewhere.  When she got to the point it was to ask if I would be willing to let her borrow my car to get her license.

Uh!  NO!  Buh Bye!

The phone rings again and we go through the whole thing over again with the same ending if you can believe it.  Undeterred she called back every 15 minutes.  Maybe she couldn't get anyone else to let her either.  I don't know, but I finally acquiesced after 3 or 4 times.  Totally persistent.  I have learned that this is one of her many wonderful qualities.

I picked her up and spent 15 minutes in the parking lot while she "practiced".  I'm being serious, she wasn't very good at driving.  Not sure she has improved much over the years.  She just drives nicer cars!  hahaha

As she was doing another spin around the parking lot, she turns too sharply and this huge box she brought with her spills all over the floor.  Why would she bring a huge box full of pictures?  I was thinking she was a little nuts.  As I was picking them up I noticed they looked, well, familiar.  Not the people, but the places.

I look over her and she is frozen.  I ask...Are you MORMON?  She looks like she just might soak my seat and starts to panic jabber.  I start laughing and tell her that I am too.  She stops and sighs really heavy;  "Oh thank heavens, I didn't think you were going to let me use your car if I was Mormon".  

We became instant friends and have had so much fun together over the years.  She is everything I am not.  Outgoing, talented, funny, outrageous and vivacious.  I have always said that I lack talent so I surround myself with those that do.  She sings... with the voice of an Angel.  I have been her biggest fan and have sat through many band practices while she sings her heart out.  I could listen to her forever.

Because I have some requests to hear what my little guy was listening to, here is one of my favorites.  Her album is labeled "The Parting Glass" by Kirsten with William Josef.

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Shannon said...

Amazing. And beautiful.
But I have a bone to pick with you... how dare you say that you aren't talented or funny or kind? I have seen your decorating abilities! And your blog posts frequently leave me laughing out loud. As for kind... really, Robin! You totally uplifted me in person when we were in the same ward, and now your comments buoy me through the rough patches. And outgoing? It takes someone seriously outgoing to take on airport workers and crazy/rude people! You need to give yourself more credit, girlfriend! ;)