Monday, May 23, 2011


For those that wonder where we go when there is a tornado warning.
This is it!  Luxury quarters decorated by the Finn kids.
Did I mention that I can barely walk after sleeping on those mats?  Getting old kind of bites.
Every year I grow tomatoes on our back deck.  This year I added fresh herbs.  Thank you Rachel Ray for turning me on to herbs and pasta.  I am in heaven.  And... much happier now that they don't cost me a fortune.
I would like to introduce you to Slim.  We have a serious love/hate relationship.  Basically, he doesn't grow when he is in the house and I am there.  His leaves turn brown at the sound of my voice.  You can see how this relationship is going to end.
The only thing that saves his complete death is Summer.  He loves it outside.  Who knew?

Lucky him!
I inherited this fern from a woman I visiting taught for many years.  It was a big, beautiful thing!  Notice the haircut?
Shouldn't have poked me with its needles!
Will these plants every learn?
I am the master of their domain.
The Dude brought this pumpkin seed into our home.
Poor... poor plant.
I wish it the best.
Really, I do!
I just don't have much hope.
I love this time of year when everything is draped in rich earthiness.  Even I can't ruin this view.  I love sitting in front of these windows just staring into the trees.
I feel renewed this time of the year.  Not necessarily energized, but I have a sense of renewal and it gives me peace to see things grow.

In spite of me.


Shannon said...

I agree - Spring does bring renewal. And I am impressed with your herbs! I definitely have a brown thumb.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

I am VERY impressed! I can't even keep my Mothers Day flowers alive let alone a herb/tomato garden! Way to go! I'm also glad you are all safe from the crazy tornadoes! Thanks for the phone call yesterday! You are AMAZING and I love ya!

Anonymous said...

The Storm Shelter is also known by another name, Dad's Office.-Mr Finn