Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's that time of year

Every year I await the blooms on my magnolia tree.  The anticipation is almost too much and then when I have convinced myself that it is too early, I awake and look out the kitchen window to this.
And my heart skips a beat.

I have to run outside and breath in deeply the sweet aroma that only this bloom can produce.

A little bit of heaven.

So that is what I give gratitude for today.

This is one of the things that gives me great joy and it is a blessing.


Will and Marcie Davis said... pretty! I LOVE when the flowers start to bloom! Its the best time of year!

Shannon said...

Beautiful! Flowers are one of my simple joys, too. :)

Margaret in WV said...

mmmhmmm... I can smell them from here. By the way were you sleeping in your tornado shelter lately?

Ben and Laurie said...

I'm SO with you on that one. I love your magnolia tree too. I'll have to come see it! We're heading to AZ tomorrow, but lets do lunch again as soon as I get back!!

Robin said...

We haven't been in the basement since Wednesday, so all is good in the world. For now!