Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mad Love

I love when my children use words or a phrase they are unsure of.  I was watching this new sitcom called "Mad Love" when Miss Boo came in.  She wanted to know why they would call it mad love when love isn't supposed to be mean.

I told her it was another word for crazy.  She wasn't sure about love being crazy either.  I explained that it was when someone loves another so much it is kind of crazy.

I now get, "I have mad love for you Mommy!" every time she sees me.  I have to admit that it makes me giggle and she then has to give me "mad" hugs to go with it.
Miss Boo lost her glasses while we were visiting Daddy in that really cold state last month.
She informed me that she would be wearing these ones now.  Hee hee

I must have "mad" love for my kids too because I want to crawl in that picture and squeeze them.
I must admit that I am a little leery of that notebook of hers.  She is always taking notes and won't let anyone read it.  Hmmmm!  I just know a day is coming when I am going to have to answer for her writings.

I totally sound paranoid.

Maybe this means she will be a writer some day.  I wouldn't doubt it.  She has no less than 12 notebooks in her room and they are all for something different.  She has them marked for certain things.  Things we are not to know about.

Maybe this means she will be a spy.

What does it all mean?

I wonder what she will be someday and it is fun sometimes to just wonder.


Shannon said...

So sweet! And I am wondering - does Miss Boo read Harriet the Spy?

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh I just love it! I have MAD love for you all! She is just precious and that cracks me up. Maybe she will be a famous poet, or play writer. Or maybe she WILL be a spy.....or a writer for the "Times". Oh the possibilities. At least she doesn't come up to you and say she wants to be a Dancer at McDonalds like Ellie does. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to take that one! ;) Keep those notebooks coming!

Anonymous said...

I personally think she is going to take after dad and she is writing jokes in those note books so she can use them later after she as refined them. Also how about Ryan's official Paparazzi smile. I wonder where he got that from.-Mr. Finn

Ben and Laurie said...

The suspense would eat at me until I peaked in every one! Darling post!