Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And the Angels did sing

The Sunday before last was the Primary Program.  You know what day that is...

... the day when all parents sit back and tear up at the joy their children bring into their lives.  And at that moment we all have perfect children.

Mr. Finn brought that up after he got back from Home Teaching and he is right.  No matter how angry I was with those kids before the program, my heart swelled a hundred fold listening to them sing their songs and say their parts.  I could hardly remember why I was so angry.  Well, I could still remember, but it was overshadowed by how proud I was to be their Mother at that moment.

And...  I got to sit through the whole program without a child antagonizing me.  It was heaven.

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Tamaratravel said...

Love the primary program..Love listening to the loudest kid..Did she dress up for the program?