Friday, November 19, 2010


Who's tired of my last post?  I am tired of looking at it and yet am highly unmotivated to change it.

Does it help that The Dude had the Flu on Tuesday and I had it on Wednesday night until this morning and I am exhausted?

Would it help to add that I hadn't clipped coupons for 2 months and spent three, YES I said 3 hours clipping them?  It could have been four.  I lost consciousness somewhere in there.

I will bring something new to the blog tomorrow.

If I don't get bogged down with something else.

Like Super Saturday.

Looks like you are out of luck until Sunday.

And we all know that I don't do anything on Sunday.

Because it is a day of rest and I take that very seriously around here.

See you Monday then.



Shannon said...

Please post your super saturday creations - we aren't having one here, and I am feeling discombobulated!

Tamaratravel said...

Love the photo..Christmas Card this year? and yes please post the photos of the super Saturday crafts..

Margaret in WV said...

Ok. Monday it is. (we had our version of a Super Saturday with our tiny branch. 5 sisters showed up and we had 3 crafts. how's that?)

Robin said...

That's pretty good Margaret.