Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween cont-

This is how I felt the Friday before Halloween and the day before that and the day before that.  I think you get the idea.  But, because I love my children, I sucked it up and loaded the kids up with Mr. Finn and we headed off to this quaint little town that did the Halloween Hallows a couple of weeks ago for trick or treating and then to the YMCA in town for another round.

These three people were amazing and Iron Man was totally into his role.  The Dude was beside himself and decided that next year, a whole 365 days in the future, he is going to be........ Woody!  Because he totally wants to look like this guy, right?  I guess it goes to show that you never get too old for dressing up.

I love my kids.  They were so polite with their "trick or treat" and "thank you".  Makes a Momma proud.  Miss Boo wanted to be a butterfly so I did my best at drawing one on her face and realize that I am not an artist.  Next year I am going to need better paint and a picture because the one in my head is sad, but she said it was lovely and so I am good.  Note to self, find out sooner than the day of what she "REALLY" wants to be and make sure you can get to a store and buy some darn wings.

I see so many things that I am going to eat.  This is going to be a very bad time for me and after I lost those three pounds.  Oh!  There they are right there in pretty shades of candy.

Because I don't like many decorations for holidays in the house and kids helping with the Christmas tree usually turns out badly, I bought this tree... the holiday tree for the kids to decorate for every thing.  This year they were into spiders.  The only scary thing I will allow on the porch.  I like to "scare" without the gore and supernatural.  I think spiders work just fine as most people are squeamish about them.  Especially in large quantities.  Mwaaahaaaaahaaaa
Someone asked me why we didn't celebrate Halloween on Sunday this year.  For one, our Bishop asked up to remember the Sabbath and in my mind that was not trick or treating.  I even took our decorations down Saturday evening so there wasn't any confusion whether we were "in" or "out".  A friend said she knew it was my favorite holiday and I do agree.  It is fun to be out together as a family walking around seeing the neighbors and see how crazy they dress up.  I haven't missed dressing up since I was pregnant with Miss Boo.  I am sad to say that I was too sick this year to paint my face green and put on witches costume this year.  Next year Miss Boo and I are going as witches together.  That will be a great year!

Maybe I will put as much effort into my child's costume as his Mother.  Wow!  Our favorite costume this year.


Tamaratravel said...

Looks like they scored on the candy..or should I say "you scored"...Love the Toy Chest costume..How come every year I wonder where my creativity went..not into their costumes..

Shannon said...

I think Miss Boo makes a lovely butterfly! And the Dude takes after Joe's heart. :)

btw, that spider tree is plenty scary enough, thanks.
And I hope you are feeling 100% well again!