Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our greatest blessing

(thanks Jolin for the photo)

Our temple is being built!  It is hard to believe that with construction moving at the pace it is that we could be visiting the temple next year.  I am so excited for the blessings that it brings into our lives.  To be able to go once a month or whenever you get the urge, it will be there, waiting.

One of the most wonderful and hardest times in my life was when I lived in Virginia, just outside of D.C. and my friend, my wonderful Margaret would pick me up at the "crack" of dawn to be at the first session in the DC Temple.  It is where I learned the entire session by memory, mostly to keep myself awake.  Not that I did all the time.  You're laughing, aren't you Margaret?  She used to wake me up often.  That is when I started memorizing because my body doesn't do sit well.  That couple of years, the first Saturday of the month, changed my life.  Thank you my Friend for being part of that with me.

How many blessing did I mention in this post?  It's hard to tell how many you can see and how many were realized later because of these events.

Did I catch up Shannon?  You are my inspiration for the daily gratitude.

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Shannon said...

This post surpasses all! I know we aren't supposed to covet, but I can't help being jealous of you, soon having a temple nearby. And how cool to watch the construction! I really miss the days that the temple was just a 40 minute drive.