Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am grateful for: #6

I love the Relief Society Sisters.  I have always loved being part of this group of women, my sisters.  Today showed me just how important the society is for us as Latter Day Saint Women.  Miss Boo was completely awful in Sacrament Meeting which was running late due to testimony bearing.  I finally couldn't take anymore and grabbed her under my arm and hauled her outside, all the while she was yelling "PUT ME DOWN!" which I really didn't hear through the pounding in my head of my blood pressure rising.  As I hit the doors to take her outside, Sister Geddes showed up behind us (they were sitting behind us) and said to go back in she would take her so I could enjoy the rest of the meetings today.

Such relief and guilt flooded over me as she walked off with my child glaring at me.  Yet I felt peace.  This is what the sisterhood of the church is all about.  Seeing the need in another and filling that need without being asked.  I am grateful for our Heavenly Father and this Church that fulfills the needs of women and gives them the support they need.

I am so grateful for Relief Society.


Shannon said...

I am so glad there was a sweet sister there when you needed her! Heavenly Father touches our lives through each other. And I love your word scramble (or whatever it is called, ha)!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful too, so my kids will survive to see another day. Plus Orange prison overalls are not my wife's best look.-Mr. Finn

Tamaratravel said...

I love RS sisters too..I find that each ward I'm in it feels like family..There are always grandparents around for my kids..