Sunday, January 4, 2009

Manana Bread

The Dude discovered Banana Bread today. I make it every year from the black bananas that appear on my counter every week. I chuck them in the fridge and once a year I make Enid's recipe for Banana Cake and...Voila, the neighbors are gifted with the many loaves a year full of bananas will make.

And, for the first time when offered a bite of this delicacy, I received a "sure" versus "eeww, yucky"! I felt like I had received some kind of minor award to have a child of mine try something I had baked outside of a chocolate chip cookie.

We had to run the christmas tree that has since worn out his welcome to the local gathering spot for trees. Ryan was so excited by his new discovery of banana bread and goes running out the door shouting, "Dad, Dad, I have Manna Bread!". We corrected his pronunciation to which we were quickly re-corrected by the 2 year prodigy. Ha! I told Mr. Finn that we should be so lucky as to have an Israelite amongst us. The Dude LOVES Manna Bread and makes sure to tell us often.

That brings me to my next thought. I was thinking of this sweet little boy and the joy he has brought to our life and that led to Miss Boo and all of the huge blessings we have received in the last year. While I was living the year, it felt really hard and unbearable at times. I guess that is normal!? I don't remember many of the details, but I do feel differently about life today and that is a blessing of all the trials of the past year. If we don't grow while we are hurdling those obstacles in front of us, we are squandering our time here on earth.

I pray I will be a better steward of my time in this new year that I have been blessed to live in. If you are still here, your work is not done and much is to be accomplished. I truly believe that and with that "pearl of insight" I challenge everyone to live as if you have been gifted 2009 as the year to accomplish that one "thing" that you just haven't had time to start/finish.


Shannon said...

I wish I was your neighbor and was getting some "manna" bread!
And, I am going to take your challenge. Just as soon as I can get my list down to one thing... haha

Kelley said...

Will you share your recipe for "Manna Bread?"

grandmadebbie said...

So fun... Wonder if they were like you when you were little??? Think maybe alittle lol...Love to hear about the fun things they do to keep you on your toes.Love ya aunt deb