Saturday, January 24, 2009


For those that spoke to me by phone yesterday.  Margaret, Sandy, Mom Enid, Natalie and Mr. Finn.  The Blah Blah Blah wasn't about the good conversations I had.  They were the sunshine in my day.  I just felt very BLAH!

My children were even wonderful all day.  They let me have QUIET TIME!  And even have phone conversations without interruption, or at least lots of interruption


Enid said...

Hey I understand there are just days that are blah even if you things are going ok. Hope today is better!

Clarissa said...

Thanks so much for the comment. Your husband is soo right with what he says. I am getting there in school..its just kinda hard gettin back into school mode after workin and playin with kids all day! :) and I have Blah days all the time! haha!