Monday, January 19, 2009

Cheap or Frugal?

Hey!  I am FRUGAL!  Extremely frugal.  Drives Mr. Finn crazy at times.

I on the other hand take immense pride/joy/satisfaction in that skill/fact.

I have been working on it for years and have gotten very good at getting a lot for A LOT

I had lunch with some mothers with kids home today due to the Holiday.  (don't get me started on another day out of school!)  One of them made the comment that I can get things for almost nothing if not free at times.  It made me start thinking about this as I was shopping in Kohl's as to why I am this way.

I have narrowed it down to a few things:
1.  I am genetically predisposed due to my Grandma Rose.  She is amazing!  She lived through the depression in rural Canada on a farm.  She knew and knows how to stretch everything and nothing goes to waste.  I admire her more than anyone in this world.  I still have much to learn from the Master.

2.  It is a natural high for me to feel as if I have gotten away with something.  (That sounded a bit scary, didn't it.)  My goal is to go into a store and have them pay me to take something out.  LOL

3.   I don't want to squander what Mr. Finn has worked so hard to provide for his family.   

4.   I truly believe in what the scriptures say about being a good steward of money or resources or whatever.

Am I a good steward?

This is a question I ask myself. The Bible says that someone who is faithful with a little thing will be faithful with much (Luke 16:9-11). So, if we are honest and do the right thing when no one is looking, we will be able to be trusted when people are looking.


Tamaratravel said...

I think it is a talent that you should be proud of..not all of us have the ability to watch our pennies....Good Girl....

grandmadebbie said...

Oh Robin I Love you soooooooooo. Thanks for the award. You make me feel so special. And congrats on the special day you and Mr.Finn just had!!! Love aunt debbie

The White House said...

Your awesome girl, just keep it up, and we will try to follow.

Shannon said...

I agree ... it is fun to go shopping, but even more fun when you look at a receipt and realize you saved more than you spent! My friend Kelly and I used to hit garage sales every Saturday. I loved that we could have an entire morning of entertainment for minimal expenditure.