Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Sack

With great anticipation, Miss Boo has awaited her day of Happy Sack at preschool. This is quite an event for a four, soon to be five year old in this classroom. They have 5 minutes where they are the CENTER of attention and everyone, did I say everyone must listen and not TALK. She is allowed to present whatever items she brings in her sack and can talk and demonstrate everything to her hearts content. If you know Rosey, you know this is the best day of her life to date.

The Dude and I arrived early to witness the event. She was insistent that we be there with a camera to take pictures of her presentation. She was so excited when we came into the classroom. It might be noted that I don't go into her classroom except this time once a year. It is truly a special event. The Dude was more interested in the "new" toys, but did obligingly watch her when she was looking at him with that look that means you better be doing what I say or else.

She did a really good job. I think she is ready for her 2 1/2 minute talk in Sacrament Meeting. LOL She took about that much time to explain the trophy her Daddy gave to her for being the best at "flying". I will have to ask Mr. Finn for a better explanation. She explained in great detail it was because she was good at knocking down the robots in her video game. The audience was fascinated. Wouldn't you be if you were 4/5 years old?

When she was finished, one boy told her he really liked her football and trophy. She replied with, "You Do?" and beamed from ear to ear. Then Connor (the infamous) said he really liked her Care Bear. She said, "You do?" and beamed again.  I think we have a theme going here.  What do you say when it's all about you?!  I think she handled the attention quite well.

It was refreshing being part of that class. I almost felt four years old again, except for I was beaming with pride of my little Miss Boo with the big personality that was having her moment in the spotlight.


Shannon said...

How delightful! Who doesn't want people to stand up and pay attention when we share what's special to us? That is one of the best things about blog land - we get to dump out our "happy sacks" when ever we feel like it. I'm glad Rosie got such great comments! :)

thehallebunch2 said...

YAY! Rosie!!!!
Love you guys!