Friday, January 16, 2009


The Dude ran into my room with his hand in a fist. 

I have CHA, he says.

You have what?  I ask, only slightly sure of what was in his hand.

I am bringing you some CHA in my hand.

Being the good Mommy that accepts gifts from grubby little hands, I open up my hand and accept this token of CHA.

He does his little jump+hop+kick and as he is running from the room with a grin upon his face, I hear "CHA, CHA-CHA".

He knew I needed a little more CHA in my life.

C  =  cheerful
H  =  happy
A   =  attitude


Shannon said...

Oh, send him over! I could use some CHA in my life!

Kelley said...

Oh, that is wonderful. We will definitely be using that in our house.

The White House said...

Those are the moments that make us glad we have children, what a cutie