Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Drummer Boy

Our little man has always had a thing for music, ever since he was born.  When he hears music, his body just starts moving fantastically.  He likes all types of music and never ceases to amaze us with his recollection of songs from movies and shows that he has seen.

When Daddy is sleeping in the living room, he will tink out a little song on the piano to wake him up slowly.  It isn't pounding, but some song he hears in his head.  He likes to make up words to songs, I fear both the children have learned that from their Daddy.  I find it adorable.

We spent friday night in Minnesota at some friends and their son took the time to show the kids how to play the drums.  This was the end result of lots of loud banging.

It shows some promise, but not enough to get the set of drums that he was sure he needed after that lesson.

I apologize for the poor lighting, but it was out of my control.

We also got to spend Easter with some friends of ours.  Well, it was someone from my hometown and her familyg.  The funny thing is that I don't remember her, but Mr. Finn was friends with her.  The bigger kicker is that they lived 40 miles north of us about 2 years ago.  They were even in our Stake.  Small world.  Now I get to be friends with her.  We had a great time, good food and fabulous conversation.
Just goes to show you what a small world we live in.  They even hid eggs for our kids to find.  They loved it.  So grateful they were up for having us.


Shannon said...

Paul switched to percussion last year... be prepared for the Dude to drum on EVERYTHING! :)

Tamaratravel said...

Oh let the Garage Rock Band start.....

Will and Marcie Davis said...

That is SO ADORABLE! He definatly shows some skill! :) I bet he'll be famous some day!