Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lucky Seven

Today is Miss Boo's Birthday!

SEVEN Years old already!

When did that happen?

It just seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.

And she screamed all night long.  I would call it crying, but I would be lying.

Thank heavens for the baby whisperer that took over around 2 in the morning.  he finally got her to sleep at 6 am ish.

She came into our lives larger than life and has always been that way.
I found a lot of pictures that the Dude had taken.

Some things about her:

1.  She is funny.
2.  Extremely smart.  Already into her 3rd math book for the year.
3.  Tender hearted and loving.
4.  Kind to others.  She is so compassionate and wants others to feel good about themselves.
5.  Very fast.  She can certainly move those legs of hers.
6.  Loves to read.
7.  Imaginative.  I love to hear her play.

She has brought us so much joy while challenging us to be better people and parents.

We love her so much.

Life would NEVER be the same without her.


Will and Marcie Davis said...

WOW! I didn't realize our kids are seriously born within months/days of each other. Sammi just turned 7 on the 12th! I don't know about you but this "phase" is definately a challenging one! ;) Here's to many more birthdays and phases! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes she is all those things and determined as well. -Mr. Finn

Shannon said...

Happy, happy Birthday (belated) to Miss Boo!