Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Fresh

Many years ago my friend and then visiting teacher gave me a beautiful birds nest with chocolate eggs in it.  I have loved it for years.

Last week the Dude was playing in the yard and found this nest lying in the grass.  I ran to the store and bought some chocolate eggs.  It looks so real and the Dude keeps asking me when the eggs will hatch.  Maybe I should have explained better, but it is so beautiful to me.
The children have decorated their tree for Easter and I love how sweet it looks.  I love that they get to have something that they can do to remind them of the holidays and feel part of the decorating process.  And, it doesn't help that it isn't messy.
The little rugrats the day they decorated the tree.  They are good little helpers and make the holidays so much more special.  This year we are going to the frozen tundra to spend it with Mr. Finn.  He had to go back a week early and would have to miss his daughter's birthday, so we are going to pack up and spend it there.
I am so disappointed.  Ha!  Maid service, little cooking, hotel pool, breakfast provided.  It's a "win, win" situation for me.

I am looking at is as a vacation.

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Paul said...

I LOVE your festive Spring decor! Enjoy your vacation :)