Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day in the life of a 5 yr old

Miss Boo and I surprised the Dude at his school with balloons.  He had specifically requested NO balloons, but I knew in his heart he would be excited to get some.  Especially if it was Spongebob.
Certainly you can see that he is smiling on the inside.

Miss Boo was able to get out of class to see her brother do Happy Sack.
This is not small thing to the Dude.  He has REFUSED to do it this entire year.
We held out hope and used his turning five as a reason to share with his class his favorite items.  He chose five Kung Zhu Pets claiming they were his friends.

I was o.k. with anything as long as he got up in front of his class.  Mrs. Howerton is so good with him and helped him along until he got warmed up.

Then we went home and created his birthday cake.  He told me what he wanted and this was our creation.  The frosting is very light blue, but Mr. Finn says it is more on the gray side.  I say, "Whatever".  My baby was happy and that is all that matter.
He loves being five.  Can you just feel the pride?
His shirt says "Mummy's Boy".  This is the first time he has chosen to wear it.  Sniff.
And as for candle blowing... he was up for the task.
yes... he does need his hair trimmed.
Some things you all should know about this fabulous little boy.

1.  Loves to cuddle.
2.  Will give in to stop the fighting and contention.
3.  Is a belly laugher.  He can make anyone smile.
4.  Very compassionate.  Is always concerned about others feelings.
5.  Is full of energy and has an amazing imagination.

We are so blessed to have this little boy in our family.   I truly can't imagine the Dude not being part of our family.

This trip down memory lane is for my benefit.  I just want to go squeeze him.
OK... I am headed into his room right now.
Couldn't you just eat him?
Going back for another squeeze.
As Mr. Finn said, "He completes us".


Will and Marcie Davis said...

O my gosh! BEAUTIFUL! I am in awe my his cuteness then and NOW!! Wat a sweet little guy! Isn't it amazing that God knows more what we need in our lives than even we do. Glad you had the little man!

Shannon said...

Robin, that photo of you and the Dude is BEAUTIFUL. I hope he had a wonderful day... it seems that would be unavoidable with those amazing cupcakes! YUM!

thehallebunch2 said...

love the picture of you and ryaner! and he was no little baby either!