Monday, August 10, 2009


Miss Boo and I enjoy shopping together. Actually I enjoy shopping and she enjoys playing games on my phone. And when she isn't playing games, she is taking pictures of her favorite Giraffe.
Later on that week we went to the COOP Annual meeting. Starts with a hayride, then on to a carnival and then dinner. Well, not that order, but we enjoy it. Did I mention they pay you to come? Totally, the best day ever for me!

This is Miss Boo on the Pirate Ship ride. YES! I was sick, but figured I would take pictures of her having the time of her life. She loves all that kind of stuff.
This past weekend we traveled down to Springfield to get away from it all. I truly cannot remember being this relaxed. We were all that way. The children were remarkable even when we got lost in the Mark Twain Forest. I guess the first time I make a executive decision to bring the GPS without the power adapter, it is most positively going to be a disaster. Who would have known that Mr. Finn would not mapquest the way to his "relative" in the Ozarks! We got totally lost and heading the wrong direction. Thank heavens he still keeps those paper things with squiggly lines and directions on them. And YES! I can still read a map and got us back to Ava. We decided that we would forego finding their home. Maybe next time?!

We decided to do fun, non stressful things from this point on. Swimming, movie, Zoo, Food...Sleep. It was great! Springfield has a really cool zoo where you can pet and feed the Giraffes. Heaven! Miss Boo was all about doing both of these things. He was very tolerant of the petting, but I could tell he was all about the food.
This guy had a fetish with the railing. Like to lick the salt off. I just say he had something going with the rail. Wouldn't leave it alone. Started to creep me out. Can you see how wet that thing is. The deck under him was a puddle. By the way does anyone know how long a giraffe's tongue is?!
Children and parents had a great time in spite of the heat. We found out that Miss Boo is a lot like her daddy. She would get to an exhibit and almost immediately say she was done and ready to move on. She definitely is not one for loitering. Helped go through the zoo in 2 hours from start to finish. Perfect.


Tamaratravel said...

looks like a blast..getting lost can be fun..and no fair getting paid to play by the way...

Shannon said...

It sounds like you had a delightful weekend! A fair that pays you to go? And a zoo that lets you pet and feed the giraffe? That even makes up for getting lost!

Kelley said...

Oh, that all sounds like so much fun! Even getting lost can be fun, if you look at it in the right light. :)

BEN and LAURIE said...

Totally disgusting. Worse than brownies... I hope you had that camera on zoom so you didn't chance getting a slobbery, wet kiss from that giraffe.