Sunday, August 23, 2009


Miss Boo finished her first week of school and with it came some new behavior changes and attitudes. Not to mention some changes for Mom and Dad with verbage. Her teacher lasted two days and then left for family matters and Mrs. P., the principal took over. This is someone that knows Miss Boo really well and how to handle her behavior.

She pulled me aside after school on Thursday and told me that she had some new phrases that she was using and thought we might like to know what they are when the situation arose.

1. Eyes up for us to communicate. Would you like to try that again. (Miss Boo tends to look down so she doesn't have to see us or respond to us. This happens mostly when she absolutely doesn't want to do something.) She usually responds with "No Thank you", which is more acceptable.

2. This is too much drama if you are not bleeding or on fire. She got tired of us using this one because she tends to escalate quite quickly when she is upset or frustrated.

We were driving when she started getting quite upset/excited about something. She immediately stopped and said; "I am not bleeding and I am not on fire!". We busted up laughing. She put a stop to us before we could get after her.

School is going well. She is learning tons every day. The Dude loves his preschool and gets very upset the days when his sister makes us late. He keeps telling her he is going to be late so she better move it.

I still haven't gotten anything spectacular accomplished with all my free time, but I'm sure my "GET UP AND GO" is just waiting until I least expect it.


Stacey said...

Great behavior modification phrases for a 5 year old!!! I wish I had had them!! Now can someone tell me some behavior modification phrases for 18 yr. olds?

Shannon said...

That is HYSTERICAL! And I still have to tell my boys to "look at my eyes" when I want to make sure they are hearing me...