Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ah cha-ching

Laurie reminded me on a comment that I poisoned my cat.

You heard me!

Does that make me a serial killer in the making?

Just kidding.

Apparently all of my house plants ARE toxic to cats.

Who knew?!

After a very expensive trip to the vet to get her to stop vomiting, we took the asparagus fern out to the garage.  Did you know that it is not a fern?  Who knew, right?

She still wasn't feeling the best so I googled my other house plant,a Hawaiin Good Luck plant.

Not so lucky for the cat.

We could blame her... she was the one eating it even after she got sick.

The irony is that it is medicinal for humans, but can hurt a cat.

Badly.  It made her upper intestines swell and she couldn't keep any food down.  Thank you steroids and anti nausea medicine.

Now she is sneezing.  CONSTANTLY!

Guess who didn't sleep much last night?  Me either.  I was up with a sneezing cat in my face from 12:30 until 4:30.  I tried taking her to the kids rooms, but I am "Mommy" and therefore all sick things must be attached to my side.  At 4:30 I took her to the Dude's room and told her to "STAY!!".  She did this time.  Hallelujah!

Now, we have the mobile vet coming over in a few minutes.  Apparently constant sneezing means serious things.



Shannon said...

Pets are very sweet, but like children they require cleaning up after, doctors visits and babysitters. It's a good thing they are cute (like children, haha.) Hope your furry child is better soon!

Mr Finn said...

I think we should call her cha-ching!!