Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Heroes

Our budding young artist, Miss Boo wanted to make a birthday card for her brother.  Birthday in April... but she likes to have a half dozen projects in the works at all times.

She asked me what she should draw for him and I mentioned that he likes super heroes, especially Batman.  Wonder Woman is her favorite so it isn't a surprise she got in there.  I love how Batman is helping her up.  Nice touch for the Dude!

She ran out of room for the Power Ranger, but I think it gives the picture depth.  Really not sure who the super dog is, but I am assured it belongs to Batman.  I told Mr. Finn that I am holding onto this for when she make it big an artist.

His response was that when she is making 2 million per piece of art he will be more excited.  I told him that I bet the mother of Davinci didn't save any of his doodles when he was a kid and boy would they be something to see now.

He was unimpressed with my rebuttle.

I am fascinated with how her creativity is developing and am anxious to see more.


Shannon said...

I just saw this really cool idea on pinterest to transfer your child's artwork onto white fabric and embroider it! This would keep you busy for quite awhile...
good job, Miss Boo!

Anonymous said...

Robing, click on collages, I saw this on an HGTV special I was watching and it is a great way to keep your kids art but to not have all the pieces of paper, check it out, you might like it and could probably do something like it yourself. It was so pretty. Denise