Sunday, February 5, 2012


I love creating things.  At times I crave the desire to make something with my own hands.  That is when I am grateful for all those DIY bloggers out in blogosphere.  They give me the opportunity to make something relatively easily.

It is soothing to spend hours making things.  I don't even know how to describe the feeling.  I wish I could feel that way about other aspects of my life.  It is the only things that can fill up my cup some days.

I found this great idea for a valentine's game on the Idearoom.

 I made mine a little differently.  I thought the dice were way too big so I got smaller and added a cup that I got for a dime at Walgreens to shake them.
 I added a carrying case for the game.  I have been eyeing my ice cream container for a while thinking there had to be a use for that perfect oval shape.
Granted it needs a little work, I think it works perfectly for all the items.  I am going to add a bit of candy and give it to a few friends I know.
The front label is coming off and will just be the hearts.  Thanks to the Idearoom for being so creative.  She has free downloads for the cards and dice numbers.  Makes it so easy.  It does take a bit of time gluing on the dice numbers, but remember... modpodge and then do it some more until it is completely covered under the numbers and on top.


Ben and Laurie said...

My kids LOVED the game. Thanks!! They voted to forgo the FHE activity at the pool and stay home and play Yahtzee instead. Ben and I liked how it was a little easier with the extra dice. Thanks for spoiling us! So cute!

Shannon said...

Robin, this is so fun! I love it when you can upcycle containers you already have into something new. Super cute!