Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Hero Dude

I told Mr. Finn that I have officially arrived this year as an engaged parent.  I think I may have morphed into something else entirely.

I have thrown myself into project after project this year.  Sometimes I think I have the "why" figured out and then it changes.

1.  I enjoy creating things.
2.  It helps me forget about "things" that I can't control.
3.  Lessens the guilt of watching TV if I am doing something.
4.  I love the feeling of sharing with others.
 This is the idea I used.  Visit this website to see all the details. I didn't use the ribbon because it seemed like an extra step that wasn't necessarily needed.  I had to make 37 of them so I was all for one less step.  Especially since I put his adorable face on them.  I just imported it to a photo software program and drew a mask on him.  Love it.
The website for the cape template is here.

Now on to Miss Boo's valentines cards.


Ben and Laurie said...

They turned out great! I'm sure Ryan loved sharing them with his class.

Shannon said...

I saw something similar on Pinterest, but you have definitely taken it up a notch by adding his face - these are SUPER! Happy Valentines day to you and your family :)

Jonnette said...

ADORABLE!! Both projects turned out so well. St. Patty's day is just around the corner;)

Mr Finn said...

What do you name a super hero that eats a ton and has a photographic memory of the Fridge? Super DUDE

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE LOVE that you put HIS face on them! SUPER cute!!! ;)