Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ah.... choo!

Have you ever been hungry when you are full?
These past two days are driving my crazy.  All I want to do is eat even though I feel full.  What is that about?  I have lost quite a bit of weight and I feel like my body is wanting to put it back on overnight.


Middle age stinks!

So, I made myself some pasta tonight with olive oil and basil with tomatoes.  It was good, but the pizza I made my family, had my attention.  This tasted delightful, but I can't get my mind off food.

I know it has something to do with the fact that I am not getting much sleep.  The Dude woke up screaming Saturday night with an ear infection.  It was such a long night that when my alarm went off, I set it to wake up an hour later and call Bro. Williams to take my class because I was so beat.  Only 2 hours of sleep, so I slept until 1 p.m.  That helped, but that is when this whole "I want to eat" thing started.

Mr. Finn is sick.  The cat is over throwing up after a not so inexpensive trip to the vet.  What can you do?  She was so sick for so many days.  Now she sneezed all day long.

Can cats get colds?

Between the cat and Mr. Finn, the wheezing was hard to ignore last night.  When my alarm went off it was all I could do to get up and gets kids ready for school.

My goal is to get through this season without falling prey to this awful cold that is traveling through our home.

Can you believe it is that last day of January?

And that it was almost 70 degrees today?  It felt more like spring and a lot less like winter.

I wonder what we are in for...


Shannon said...

It was 38 here, so it still feels like January! Sorry to hear about all of the sickness in your house, I am trying to hide from the germs that are plaguing mine. And I have an idea for you to ward off the munchies - fruity herbal tea! You can drink it all day long, and the only side effect is that you will have to keep running to the bathroom. Buy an especially pretty mug to drink it out of, and it feels indulgent! You can serve it over ice with a fancy slice of lemon if your temp keeps soaring. :)

Ben and Laurie said...

Go outside and enjoy it! It is amazing what it does for one's soul. We've had the sick kids this week and finally got them all in school today. Afterwards, we dropped everything else for a while and went to the playground. It was a great! I'm still laughing about you poisoning your cat!!