Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When I grow up....

I don't remember what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I remember writing a lot about who I would marry and names of children I would have, but never about what/who I would be.  Most kids have dreams of what they want to be.  It was never very clear to me what my strengths were.  I was shy, withdrawn, timid and a bit scared of most things.

I was always afraid to commit to things because it took so long to accomplish them.  Like college.  It seemed like so much time, but I remember the day I realized that four years had passed away and I could have been finished had I started.  

That is when I made a decision to do something... anything.

That decision led me to a mission.  

That mission led me to know me better.  First time that I ever had a spiritual conversation with myself.  And through a lot of learning experiences, I knew who I was.

That opinion has changed and wavered over the years, but I am still standing.

I envy my daughter.  She knows she wants to be an artist.  We make sure to encourage her every chance we get.  She needs to know that she can achieve her dreams of what she wants to be when she grows up.  That may change as the years go by, but I want to make sure that she does have a dream of WHO she will be.  And who she already is.

By the way... she loves Bob Ross.  I love that she can say that and mean it with a straight face.


Shannon said...

Have Miss Boo read Bronte's latest blog post (you can navigate to her from my blog.) I always wanted to be a mom. :)

Mr Finn said...

Yes The ARtist formally known as Ms. Boo made me watch an episode of Bob Ross Presents on PBS. She actually knew all about the painting he was working on