Thursday, January 19, 2012

Worth the trouble

Little boy with hat he doesn't like.  See the look on his face.  Too bad you missed the screaming that came right after picture was snapped.
 See boy with Star Wars hat.  Very happy boy with fake smile.  But no screams.  See Mom with fake smile.  There were quite a few pictures in between these two.
 See little girl playing along with Mommy.  Oh, how I love that girl.
 Little girl remembered to put her glasses on and went for a more civilized picture.  My hat is much more fitting.  lol
 Only family picture we got this year for our new years letter.  Wow!  At least we have one.
It was my idea to go to the Hallmark Center for a family picture.  I just didn't imagine how hard it would be orchestrate.  At least I get an "A" for effort.


Shannon said...

A+! It looks like a fun outing, too.

Margaret said...

too bad you already know what 15 year olds are like. These are the GOOD days ;)