Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday Holiday

Having a birthday on Labor Day is always fun because the whole country celebrates with you!  Ha!
Before Mr. Finn, I never considered my birthday something special, but he always make sure that is even while sharing the day with me.

My sister was commenting this morning that Mr. Finn and I have the same initials and the same birthday.  Heck!  We even share the same temperament.  NOT!
Sometimes it is hard to believe we have been together 10 years already.  Through the good and the bad I am still glad he never gave up.
Happy Birthday to my Husband.  My Nader!
He sent me this picture while I was serving a mission in the DR.
He is a great Dad!  Total Bonus...
His new hobby is fishing these days.  Keeps him calm.  Says it is his diet regime.  lol
As long as he is happy.


p.s.  I realized while putting this post together that we don't have many pictures together. Especially new ones. I am usually the one behind the camera.  Oh well, we know we're married.


Shannon said...

I didn't realize you two share a birthday! Just so you know, Kurt stayed home from work and the kids didn't go to school in your honor. :)

Wishing you both many happy returns!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

You two are too cute! Its taken me awhile to figure out his sense of humor (its kindof hard when you can't see someones face) ;) but he is seriously hilarious! You two are adorable and I'm glad that you found eachother! Happy Birthday to you both!

Linda said...

What great pictures! What a wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

What's up with the MOustache Pete?
-Mr. Finn

Ben and Laurie said...

It's fun to look at old pictures and see how much you've changed over the years and what is still the same. I didn't realize you shared a birthday either! Tell Ralph I'm sorry I didn't sing that little song to both of you!