Sunday, September 25, 2011

Miscellaneous moments

She is growing up so fast.  Those two front teeth have come in nicely.  Her favorite thing to do is read.  Who could ask for a better hobby for their child.
 Our children have such a love for my friend "Margarine".  They beg to go to her house.
The Dude claims it has been forever since I "brung" him to visit.  He acted as if it was his long lost home.  Rolling all over the rug and hugging all the toys as if they were his best friends.
 She used to teach Miss Boo in Primary and now has our little man.  They love her so much and she has a true love for all the children in her class.  I am grateful because they are forming their opinions of everything right now and a bad experience could taint the church experience for them.
Did I ever share with you her wall that inspires me when I go to her home.  She has such a deep love for the Savior and it shows.  I had the honor of helping her put this wall together and I drop in every so often to bask in its warmth.

This picture is just to show you a little bit of HIM.  He is a mess!  A loveable, sweet, enjoyable, cuddly MESS!
Thanks Aunt Erika for sending the kids post cards from Hawaii.  They love to get mail and to be remembered by the family they don't see very often.  She will be visiting us in November with my other sister Gretchen.  Can't wait!


Shannon said...

Such sweet, personality-packed photos of your kids! And I love your friends wall, how wonderfully inspirational.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ohhh.....what cute kids! I love that wall by the way! Very inspiring! ;) Is that at your house or hers???