Friday, September 23, 2011

It's that time of year again

I love Fall!

It just makes me happy inside and out.  There is something about the leaves changing to brilliant hues of red and gold that makes my spirit soar.  That and the cool weather that allows me to spend more time outside and not dread the walk from the car to wherever I may be going.

It is also Fall Soccer.  We have always done Spring Soccer and I have to tell you that I am so glad we are doing it in the Fall.  So much warmer than what spring has to offer us during practice.  And the fall colors are gorgeous.
As usual Thursday practice comes and its as if no one remembers it is going to come and we run late or can't find half the equipment we need.
This time it was soccer socks, but I am glad they couldn't be found.  Halloween socks make a much more interesting addition to soccer, don't you think?
Miss Boo was complaining after her first practice that she was too slow and that everyone was faster than her.  I have many pictures to prove that she can hold her own.
 She finished practice and declared that she was the most "hurt" kid on the team.
She did get knocked down a bit.  I tried to explain to her that it was because her team was split for practice and her other team mates had to pretend she was the other team.

Her response was that she didn't like them because they hurt her too much.
We love seven year olds.
I love watching her play.  I wish she could understand how proud she makes us.
 I love Fall and yes... sometimes Soccer!


Shannon said...

Me tooooo! But I especially love Miss Boo's socks - they are wonderful! :) From the pictures, if she did get hurt the most, I think it is because she is giving the most effort - it looks like she is playing 110%! Best wishes for a FUN season.

Shannon said...

p.s. I am SO happy about your new lens! ;)

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Love the pictures! I love that I can see the leaves changing colors in the background! Beautiful Missouri trees! ;) Tell Miss Boo I am VERY impressed by her Soccer skills! We used to measure how good the game was by how many bruises we had afterwards! ;)