Sunday, September 18, 2011

Speaking terms

My camera was finally diagnosed after its unfortunate tumble drop at Wrigley Field.

Drum Roll....

The lens is broken.  
It can't/won't communicate with my camera anymore.  
They appear to not be on speaking terms.

The good news is that my camera itself is fine.

But, without a working lens it is just a non-working camera.

I am sad.  I haven't taken any pictures since our trip.

Miss Boo had her first day of soccer practice on Thursday.
I took pictures with my iPhone, but apparently it is
not on speaking terms with me and instantly


It's like being on Facebook!

I miss my Canon!


Shannon said...

I am so sorry - I feel your pain! Any chance of an early Christmas present?

Ben and Laurie said...

I'm sorry Robin. I know how much you love taking pictures and you are so good at capturing the moments with your family. Luckily, you are just as talented at writing, so your blog won't suffer any!