Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vacation Catch up

I am horrible at getting things written down, especially here on my blog.  I wanted to add in the rest of our escape trip away earlier this month.
The Dude loves my Indiana Jones Hat.
I told Mr. Finn that I didn't want to be rushed because we always get so testy with each other when do too much and have to somewhere at a certain time.  He gave me what I wanted and it was a really nice, relaxing time.
I'm not really sure why people rub Lincoln's nose for luck.
We passed!
And still had good luck on our trip.
She was very proud that she was able to catch a fish on Mr. Finn's home made fishing pole.  She was the only one that did!  Good on you Boo!
 We learned some things about our daughter...
She is quite the poser.  Wants the picture to look real.   Like she is really touching something that she is not allowed to.
Don't know where she got that, but it is pretty funny!
Did you notice the braids?  That is new too.  She is all about braiding her hair to the side in rows.  Mr. Finn says her name should be "Boonicqua" or something like that with the new "do".
The Dude is a lot like me.  He stays away from the bugs and such.  I love the outdoors if I don't have to wander in them too much.

Before we went down south to camp, we went north to Illinois to see some history.  We stopped in Hannibal on the way to Springfield, but decided we didn't want to walk around in a cave with just lanterns.  Miss Boo would never have survived.  She doesn't do well in dark spaces.
 And because I have a love for black and whites, here are a few of my favorites.  These were done before I broke my camera in Chicago.
Lincoln's Tomb
Spectacular Tomb
Touch Down Jesus.
 Apparently you can see this from the football field and it earned this nickname.
Mr. Finn had been telling me about it so we had to find while we were at Notre Dame.
 Mr. Finn believes it is never to early to get your kids comfortable with college campuses so we get to visit them often.  This one was pretty spectacular.  They wore t-shirts from here on their first day of school.
 The Dude cracks up when we travel.  He has to have the optimum traveling conditions and prepares for it in advance so he is not uncomfortable.  This doesn't look very comfy to me, but I didn't have to use it.
We did go see some other caves closer to the campgrounds on our down South.  Thank heavens for lighting.  It was 1 1/2 hours underground.  I thought the kids wouldn't handle it well, but they did great.

It's hard to photograph in there, but you can tell that the kids were cold.  Mr. Finn and I were comfortable.  Actually, Mr. Finn was sweating and I was comfortable.  That sounds more like it.

It was a nice escape from the "world".  Now back to the grind.


Shannon said...

Mmm, sounds lovely - a no pressure, take your time kind of trip. I love those b/w pics... you should frame them! And I think you are brave to venture into the underground caves. After about five minutes, I'd be ready for fresh air!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ewww....I'm glad you didn't rub his nose! Think about all the germs you could have got instead of good luck! I LOVE the cave pictures! I love caving and what fun adventures you are all having! You are both such fun amazing parents!

Margaret in WV said...

Just playing catch up on your blog. Lots of water/travel/volunteer/caving fun. You'll have to update us on life with no kids home during the day