Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creativity Day

Miss Boo is a bit of a clutter bug.  When I say a bit I am not telling the whole truth.  She is a mess! She collects everything and throws nothing away.  Most of what she has ends up underneath her bed.  It is driving me crazy!

So... after much searching.  And, I mean a lot.  Do you know how hard it is to find a bedskirt these days?  Apparently they are not in fashion.
Who knew?

I did find this white one at the going out of business sale for Sears.

So, Miss decided it needed something purple on it and as luck would have it, I had this rick rack on hand from a super duper sale I got from Pick Your Plum.  One fabulous deal daily. Now I have 60 yards of it... yeah!
Bet you didn't know I could sew?!
Well, at least I can fake it anyways.  I love feeling creative.  It is like an endorphin for me. I am at my best when I am creating something.
At least it covers up all the stuff she stores throws under her bed.
We then set out to make cupcake boxes for all the goodies she has for her friend we are going to see this weekend.  I borrowed the idea from Sew.Craft.Create.  Hers are so much cuter than mine, but this was our first go around.  I learned quite a few things.  Less if more and the is a definite for hot glue.  I will never get it all off.  I think she pulled her pieces of felt apart more than I did.  She also used a 2" box where I used 3".
I still think it turned out pretty cute though.

Some notes:  Can take quite a bit of time to get it done.  Cut first and read all the directions prior to starting.  Not my strong suit, but because I didn't, I had to remove the pieces and start again.  Who knew that not cutting off the tip on the back would make such a huge difference?
On Sunday we found out that our Sister Missionaries are leaving.  On was scheduled to finish this week and this sweet sister has to go home and have surgery.
I don't know if you can tell, but the Dude loves them.
The sisters brought Miss Boo this crown.

They will be missed here.  It is our first time to have sisters and after only having them for about 3 months, we are without missionaries in our area.

I am going to miss them.  They are fun and very helpful.  They took all my recipes in my cupboard and organized them into a book for me.  Who else would do that?

Obviously not me or it would have been done by now.

I wish them well and hope Sister Jones will come back soon.


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh my gosh! You are amazing! I have to admit I had NO clue you sewed...and SO well too! Look how straight that ric-rac is! I'm VERY impressed..... and the cupcake!! What a fun idea! YOU are seriously the BEST Mom ever!

Ben and Laurie said...

We do have great missionaries! Good picture of them--I hope you give them a copy. Robin, you are so crafty!! Love the bed skirt. Call me and let's chat sometime!!

Shannon said...

You have been busy! I LOVE ric-rac, and your bed skirt looks marthalicious ;) And the cupcake box... how CUTE is that?!? So fun!