Friday, August 26, 2011

Shut Ins

While on vacation we visited a state park in So. Mo with an odd name.  

The Shut Ins.

Say what?
That's exactly what I said, but then when I found out why they were called it.
Well, I still wonder...
 It has to do with all these rock in the canyon, the flow of water, etc.  The kids had a blast climbing over the rocks.  Although the Dude has since stated that he didn't have any fun at all.  It could be because he was expecting a rock slide.  The kind a five year old boy dreams of.  He didn't get one of those, but he did do some sliding.

I soon realized how many muscles I don't use in a normal day.

Can you guess?
A lot!
I did end up having to get in with the kids because Miss Boo said the current was too strong.
Little did I know until I had entered that freezing water that all she had to do was stand up.
I love these kids.  Glad they got me in the water.  But, for obvious reasons I did not include any of the pictures that Mr. Finn took of me with them.  Yikes!


Shannon said...

That looks like a great place to cool off - my boys would love it!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh my gosh! Are those the Johnson Shut Ins??? They are the coolest places EVER!!! I went there as a kid and have the BEST memories EVER!!! It looks like you guys are creating some fun ones of your own!! Its so neat to see you go to the same places I used to go to! LOVE IT!!!