Saturday, August 20, 2011


Miss Boo's friend Elise moved away a year ago to Michigan.  Last month they came to visit for a couple of days and we decided after we went to Chicago that we would take her to visit her friend.  We spent a couple of days letting them just be together.  It was good for them to be girls again.  They were silly.  
Elise visit to see Miss Boo
Do you remember your first best friend?

I do.

It was Rachel B.  We were in kindergarten and would make up the weirdest games to play.  We were nuts!  I moved away in 3rd grade and when I moved back we were friends, but you know how grade school is... she had a new best friend and Leisel M. and I became BFF's.

I look back over the years of friends I have made and am amazed at how there are been many and they have been for the time that I have needed them.  I am friends with so many of them still.

I am glad to say that Rachel and I are still friends and I love her dearly.  She is someone that I look up.  She has an inner strength that is enviable and with what she has been through in her life, I am proud to call her my friend.

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Shannon said...

Girlfriends are our anchors and our wings, no matter how old we are.