Sunday, August 8, 2010

Superhero Powers

"During [these] days of sadness and discouragement, I need my superpowers to keep me going.  Unfortunately, my Underoos don't fit anymore, I don't dare to put on blue tights, and I'd probably trip over my cape if I had one."
"But, seriously, there is a super power that I can access when I need extra strength." 
(can you see it in her eyes?)
"As I give my best effort, I can receive Christ's "enabling" power.  In prayer, I ask for the gift of grace to help me do the things that are required of me but that I don't have the power to accomplish.  then I get up and get to work."
 - Kristin Warner Belcher, Hard Times and Holy Places

I read this book today and am so glad I did.
I found her blog a few minutes ago here.
She is my Hero.

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Shannon said...

What an inspiring quote! And an adorable girl! Thanks for the link, too. I will have to check that out.