Monday, August 30, 2010

10 for 10

Shannon had a challenge on her blog a while back that sounded intriguing, especially since I have so many projects to do.  So...  I am going to start my 10 for 10.

Remember this little number.

  1. Re-vamp temple picture frame.
  2. Paint master bathroom.
  3. Paint guest bathroom. (Done)  Need to get the accessories put up still.
  4. Paint stairwell.
  5. Iron Mr. Finn's clothes.  (we are abandoning our dry cleaner)
  6. Paint dresser to match nightstands.
  7. Finish FHE chalkboards.
  8. Clean up kids wall.  (time for last years stuff to go in box) (Done)
  9. Send thank you cards.  (if I owe you one, it's as good as in the mail)
  10. Read the book from Alisa.  (Done)
  11. Since I did two of them I will add one more.  Do surprise thingy for Gretch.  I will post photos when it is done.
I am cruising on this list because I have had it prepared for  3 weeks and started on it last week.  I am anxious to get all these projects done as well as the other ones that are joining the list in my head.


Tamaratravel said...

Good for you....can you do my list too? I think I have more than 10 though...

Shannon said...

You are awesome! I am thinking I need to do this again... I could make about five lists of ten right now!

Anonymous said...

Hey were is the one that says go have some fun with the husband?
-Mr. Finn

Margaret in WV said...

So hard to get lists done with active children and constant interruption. Happy to see you doing so well with it!