Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two of the Weekend Getaway

The Weather Channel lead me to believe that it would be raining in the morning and by 11 it would let up a bit.  I think they were wrong.  It rained so hard all day that we were drenched to our skivies by the time we left.
Our little adventures were not to be deterred from their day of fun at the Omaha Zoo.  After all, with their Daddy to pull their carriage, there wasn't a chance they were going to get wet.  Well, at least not like him.  I bought a Nemo t-shirt to keep their little legs dry.  Remember, I mentioned that I believed the weatherman and dressed my offspring for summer weather.  They were freezing!  I now have a very cute t-shirt that they only wish they could fit in.  Great for keeping knobby little knees warm.  Besides, I wasn't buying a blanket for $40 bucks.  I will take a $10 shirt blanket any day.
My favorite part of all zoos are the primate exhibits.  Mainly because they are always up to something.  It was raining on them so they had hunkered up to the windows facing towards their courtyard, leaving a plexi glass window between them and us.  I was thrilled.   More time to observe them close up and bored.  Because trust me when I say they were bored.  Just watch the Gorilla's eyes while the kids are behind him.  Watch him raise his arm.  What could he possibly be thinking?

That is one big handprint on the glass.  He scared her to death.

I couldn't get over how massive his hand is.  Proof.
Look at how he is laughing.   He found it so funny!  I was cracking up.
He is truly a magnificent animal.  The children made me leave
sooner than I wanted to because I could have stayed all day.
They could see it in my eyes.
I love the reflection of Miss Boo in the glass.
They were not to be denied climbing over these lion statues even though it was so slippery.  Can you see the effort in Miss Boo's face?
It was a lot of fun despite the rain.  We spent most of the time in the Kingdom of the Night because The Dude loved that it looked like Shrek lived there.

Not bad for a "free" getaway.  Love those frequent stayer points.  I got two things that I love.  Time with the family and something for free.


Tamaratravel said...

Just think of the free shower for the day or week....Love the primates..that's my favorite part of the zoo too..Maybe cause I can relate to them..

Shannon said...

You are a trooper... I don't think I could have stuck it out at the zoo in the rain. I am a wimp!

Anonymous said...

I was fine until the trek to see the Elephants, then it was like it started to rain harder.
-Mr. Finn