Friday, August 20, 2010

Once in a while...

 I get a truly remarkable shot of my children.  I aspire to take good pictures.  Mr. Finn says I take too many, but if you have an average of 1 in 4, you tend to take as many as you can hoping for that one great one.  

Miss Boo has changed from that child that runs away from and grunts at the camera to a willing model.  I realized that for the first time I had twice as many photos of her than her equally adorable brother.  He usually hams for me, but is not so willing now.
 They have found a camaraderie in each other that when in harmony they are the best of friends, confidantes and whatever person/thing they are playing at that moment.
When the Dude was born and they dunked him over the curtain for me to see, I was shocked by his platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.  My words to the nurse were, "He looks like Billy Idol"!  Both of our children look so different and their personalities are just as unique.  I am grateful that they are so they can be friends.  I can only imagine what they would be to each other if they were the same in temperament.

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Shannon said...

These are GREAT pictures, Robin! And I agree with you about the need to snap away... only I average about 1 good shot out of 6! :)