Monday, August 9, 2010

Make a joyful noise

"You sing the most beautifulest, not like the others."  The Dude loves, maybe that is too strong of a word, but I chose it so I am going to stand behind it, to hear me sing.  While singing a hymn at church he lovingly looked up at me and spoke those words.

I started to beam.  You know how kids glow when you compliment them on anything.  I started from the tip of my toes and couldn't stop smiling.

I  can't sing!  It's true.  Frogs, cows, pigs, chickens and even crows sing better than I do.  I am not being modest, just honest.  I have always wanted to sing.  Even have a friend that I live vicariously through because she sings like an angel.  She even let me sing backup when she was recording a song in the 80's.  She said I could sing, but I never believed her.  She really just needed someone to help her get her track down.  Mine was not recorded, just for the record.  Love ya Getz!

When the Dude said I sang "beautifulest", I believed it and sang a little louder.

I believe everything he says.  He hasn't learned how to be dishonest yet.

Maybe one day I will take singing lessons so I can sing in the church choir and not just mouth the words.  Yes!  I said mouth the words.  I have done that before, many times.  I used to practice in the mirror and I was quite convincing.

I once taught a lesson about participating in all that Sunday has to offer and that included singing.  How it was a testimony to the Lord.  That the spirit can touch us through music.  I have always felt the spirit (the tinglies up the spine and goosebumps) while listening to good music, but had always mouthed the words or sang very quietly during the hymns.  I tried singing louder the next Sunday and lo and behold I felt differently.  The hymns to me have become part of my Sunday worship.  It is my favorite time because I don't care if I am out of tune, it is like my little girl when she sings.  I find it delightful, out of tune, but it warms my heart.  I believe our Heavenly Father feels the same way about us.

Deeeelighted that we raise our voices to him.


Anonymous said...

I ole blue eyes is at it again. He truely loves is mom.
-Mr. Finn

Shannon said...

I have always wished for a beautiful voice, too. What a sweet boy you have!

Tamaratravel said...

Wow..mine just says "Mommy you're loud!"

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh Robin!!! I got tingles reading this post! I bet you sing eonderfully and I am SO glad your litte man told you so! "Out of the mouth of babes" they say......;)