Monday, June 15, 2009 we come.

It has been a long year so far in a blinking of the eye sort of way.

We are heading out of this state of Missouri and heading out to Arizona.

Yes, I do realize that Arizona is a DRY heat! Hot is hot, isn't it? It's like the difference between sauna or steam bath. Both are hot and you sweat.

Actually we are going to the white mountains for some of it and the weather there is a bit on the chilly side in the evening, so we will get to experience it all.

It seems a shame to "waste" the weather here by leaving, but it is usually miserable hot by now.

Our not so little Miss Boo gave the closing prayer in Primary yesterday. I am so proud of her. She was so excited that sitting still on the chair proved to be impossible. One of those times when video camera truly tells the true story. She was wiggling and swinging her legs so much it looked like she was on a swing. She made sure to speak clearly and loudly into the microphone. It was priceless. She told me how much she likes talking into it. Of course...everyone can hear what she is saying and is the center of attention.

Yes, I do realize that taking a picture in Primary may be a bit tacky for the mormonly challenged, but I wanted proof that she can do it. (look at those legs.) I would have had one of her praying, but she felt like I needed to be up there helping out. Bummer! And...the Bishop was standing behind me when I took this picture. I didn't turn around to see his reaction, so therefore there wasn't one, right?

We are excited to spend time on the road as a family. We even invested in a Nintendo DS for Miss Boo, so we can all enjoy our time together without, "Are we there yet?". Our little Dude inherited my old iPhone because I got a new one for less than a video game and he enjoys the games more. A little easier for him.

Only in the Finn family would our 3 year old have an iPhone.

I will try to keep up my blog while I am gone, haven't decided whether or not to take my MAC. Hmmmm....what to do?!


Tamaratravel said...

It's funny what you can do with phone these days..Hope you have a great trip...take your laptop so I can live vicariously through your vacation...

Margaret in WV said...

Can't you use one of the iphone blog update apps? I know you can send photos to facebook with a quick note. I'm looking forward to getting mine so I don't have to drag the laptop with me. Just waiting for July and cellphone coverage.

Shannon said...

You seriously crack me up, but I think it is awesome you got this shot! Definitely something you want to remember clearly.

Have a fun trip! :)