Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Leg Day One...

Kansas...need I say more?
According to the 3 year old, these are "Abouts"
Aahhh! Serenity Now! (notice where the green and yellow M&M's are?)
Relaxation after a days drive.

We have arrived at the first stop on our looooonnnngggg road trip.

For those that are history buffs, Dodge City is a fun place to be, especially if playing cowboys and indians was your favorite thing.

I personally am here for the "tornado in a bottle". I am completely fascinated with them unless our weather alarm is screaming from Mr. Finn's side of the bed. And wains to annoyance coated with fear. When I purchase this "treasure" I promise to video tape it and put it on here so you can experience the joy of this invention.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Love the "abouts" and the blue, blue sky. And what is the deal with the green and yellow m'n'ms? Are they his favorites or are they considered defects? I always eat the red ones first, personally. :)