Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photo Journey

My Dad calls these "pokers". They are growing everywhere in the White Mountains this year. Anyone know their real name?
Just a touch of the Meteor.
Now, that's one big hole!
Son of a NAU Alumni.
Mr. Finn and long lost cousin Bob.
I am so tired when we finally get in at night that I am having a hard time updating the blog. Maybe when I get home I can regale you with funny stories. Ha!

The kids are off their sleeping schedule so putting them down at night has proven to be a bit exasperating. They aren't going to bed until midnight almost every night. Boy is it every going to be a nightmare when we are home.

We are having a good time, but I believe we are becoming road weary and are ready to bring this journey to an end soon.


grandmadebbie said...

glad your having a good time. We called them Red Hot Who knows for sure?

Shannon said...

It looks like you are having many fun adventures.