Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whine and Roses

I heard that whining is rated higher on the scale than nails on a chalkboard.  It has the same effect for me.  I get chills up my spine and some button gets pressed inside my head that makes me a crazy person. 

I dearly love my children, but there are days that I question that intense desire I had to bear children.  What was I thinking?  I can tell you it wasn't about the whining.  It was all the stuff that you see from the outside not the parts that are the "REAL" part of parenting.  

We have moved into the "I hate you" phase of parenting.  Miss Boo uses it frequently these days when she is being denied something that she doesn't believe is within her rights as a child.

The Dude just likes to whine.  ALOT!  I have to remind him to change his tone, which he can do immediately and then will return to his former whine.

I have to find new ways of dealing with the behavior because it is driving me off that very steep cliff in my mind.

My senses have been heightened since the Lasik.  I find smells to be more odorous, sounds to be more sharp and my vision to be less sharp.  I know it takes a couple of weeks for it to work itself out, but I am impatient.  I already have a hard time dealing with daily things without it all heightened.  I guess this would be a really great time to rely on the Lord.

My greatest weakness is relying on him when things are the roughest in my life.  I like to go to bed and pull the blanket over my head.  I know!  That is the true definition of insanity!

I am truly blessed to have these whiners in my life.  I prayed for many years to have them and need to count those blessings daily.  

This is the proverbial "look a gift horse in the mouth".  Time to rewind and be kind.


Tamaratravel said...

I'm reading this as Anna-Maria has a tantrum in the bathtub..i don't think they will ever stop whining or throwing tantrums..I've seen adults do it...Does that mean I can whine too?

Kelley said...

Hmm, I can honestly say that I understand exactly where you are coming from. Prayer. That's about my only solution. Praying on the fly is a very good thing, and I have to do it frequently at our house. Good luck, Robin. You'll make it through this.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

I TOTALLY get it!!! Connor NEVER stops.Finally I had had enough one day, and got an ingenious idea.We were out on the front lawn and he was mad and throwing a tatrum. I looked at him and threw myself on the ground. I screamed, I kicked, I yelled. He immediately stopped and looked at me like I had lost my mind. I continued until he came over next to me! He was SO worried!We then talked about it and he hasnt done the major tantrums since. I have found that if I flip it back on them, it seems to work.(even with Sammi and the "I dont like you thing"). Not always but sometimes it breaks up the INSANE whining that makes you want to cut your own ears off!!! Prayer is ALSO good!!! Here's hugs headed your way!!! (HUG)

Margaret in WV said...

I don't remember any of that. Honestly. I know they did it. I just don't remember it. They're too cool now. Now the grandkids whining... that's another story.

Denise said...

All I can say, Is that this too shall pass. XOXO

Shannon said...

Hang in there. I told my kids that I couldn't hear them when they whined and ignored them until they used their regular voice. Like all parenting tricks, it worked... sometimes. :)