Thursday, March 19, 2009

Laughing Cow

My friend Shannon just pointed out that my cow calendar was dancing to Holly Holy by Neil Diamond and it made her laugh.  I had to go see for myself and it made me laugh out loud.  Thanks for pointing out something that is so small, but brings joy.

The lesson for RS on Sunday is "Come What May, and Love It".    There are basically 3 points to doing this.

1.  Learn to Laugh

2.  Seek for the Eternal

3.  The Principle of Compensation

I think it is a great reminder of what we need to do to be happier in this life.  I take life so seriously sometimes and forget all the rest that makes up the puzzle.  

I am working on number 1 this week.  I need to exercise more muscles in my face.


Enid said...

We had this lesson in Jan. It is a GREAT talk and lots of good reminders.

Shannon said...

What is the Principle of Compensation? I am in YW and miss the RS lessons. You can email me or I'll check back here. :) I really like that title - especially the "and Love It". Sometimes it is hard to love the It!

ps - happy first day of Spring!

Tamaratravel said...

I think we could all use more laughs right now...It's easy to forget when the stress comes in...p.s. the cows are funny..

Robin said...

Shannon if you click on the title in the blog "Come What May and Love It", it will take you into the talk by Elder Wirthlin. It is about how the compensates the faithful for every loss. That which is taken away from those who love the Lord ill be added unto them in His own way. It is a beautiful part of the lesson and helps us to remember that he LOVES us so much and will bless for trying our hardest. Kind of like we do with our children.

Shannon said...

Aah...yes, the title is a different color from the rest of the post! I will go check it out. Thanks. :)