Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pain and Agony

My sister broke her foot.  I feel really bad for her.  It has to hurt.

Kind of like when I had to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with my older sister because I was too young.  Really painful.  I even had a date and it wasn't her.  From the recesses of my mind I do recall that it was either don't go to the dance or be grounded for two weeks.  (I was late getting home earlier that week.)

And those outfits.  You would think we had grown up in a hick town.   Oh yeah, we did!!  Excrutiating.  

But, not as bad as the macrame hanger or those "curtains".  

Hope your foot gets better so so we can have a ball while you are here.  Not that I am doubting our level of "funitude" while you are here, but I would hate to have you in pain.


Denise said...

Ok you don't play fair, I cannot believe that A: you still have that picture and B: that you posted it for all to see. At the time I kinda remember looking better than that picture portrays. haha

I am really excited about visiting Missouri and have alot of fun and little sleep.

Anonymous said...

does she have down syndrome?

Shannon said...

haha the cows on your calendar are dancing in time to Holly Holy! That just made my day.
And I hope you saved those glasses and the macrame plant hanger, because - not kidding here - they are back in style! All of the 70's/80's garb we gave away to DI a few short years ago is now being sold at American Apparel for crazy inflated prices.
I hope your sister's foot heals in time for her visit. It looks like you two are a wild and crazy pair! :)

Denise said...

For sure that person is not talking about me, must be you,hahah