Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Neil Diamond Live!

Please note that cameras were not allowed.  Delete from memory after viewing!

If you look really, really, really closely you can see the Man himself, the one and only Neil Diamond.  My IPhone makes it look like I am in the Blimp.

I received a call from Mr. Finn on Monday telling me that he had a surprise for me and had even arranged for a babysitter.  A real babysitter!  He did this on his own?  It must be big!  He said he got tickets for Neil Diamond.  I have always wanted to see him in concert, I believe I told Ralph when we were engaged this very fact.  Lo and behold, he remembered!  See why I am married to him?

We were actually able to leave the children with Aunt Becky who came to visit with the twins.  What fun that has been to have them.  Miss Boo loves Aussie and Ashy, after all, it is like idol worship when they are all together.  She loves that!

We arrived early enough to walk around a bit and early enough to realize that it is a geriatic crowd that comes to his concerts.  It didn't fill up until almost 8 p.m., so Neil didn't come on until almost 8:30.  Had to give everyone a chance to get to their seats...slowly...heh heh heh.  Actually it was a good mix of age, we just happened to be surrounded by the "culdesac" club.  LOL

I pulled out my IPhone to pull off the notes I took at the concert.  I wanted to remember those special thoughts that you have when you are having the time of your life, to discover that one of my dear children has deleted them.  That's what I get for taking so long to get this post done.  Now, I will have to wing it.

As Neil came out and the music swelled, I found myself bursting with emotion.  I was actually at a Neil Diamond concert.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!  

I laughed.  I cried.  I FELT!!!  It has been so long since I have felt anything besides the usual "daily survival" that I felt liberated, if only for one night.

I fell in love with Mr. Finn all over again!  He knows me!  
He loves me!  It was like the days before children when it was all about us and having fun together without all the DRAMA.  I can still feel that today.  Do I really need this every year to remind me why I fell in love with Mr. Finn?  I remember feeling this way after a George Strait/Ronnie Millsap Concert when Ryan was a year old.  Maybe, it really is about spending time together alone, doing things that bring you closer.

We SANG loudly together to Sweet Caroline, pressed cheeks together during You Don't Bring Me Flowers and shouted the words to Cherry, Cherry.  And with disappointment we watched as Neil Diamond finally left the stage without singing "Coming to America".  I looked at Ralph and asked him if he, meaning Neil, had got the memo about my coming.  We chuckled a little and then to our delight saw the Star of the Show return and sing the song we had come to hear.  It has special meaning for me this year as I have become a new addition to this Country.  I cried like I do during General Conference songs.  He sang for another 30 minutes leaving us filled to the brim and exuberantly happy for our  VERY COLD walk to the car.  (1 Degree on this particular evening.)  The great part is that it didn't feel as cold on the way back as it did on the way in.  I was warmed from head to toe.

As for the man sitting to my left, please see a doctor about that nose thing you do.  Even my dear husband wouldn't trade places with me!  YUCK!  YUCK! YUCK!  I don't even care that you are probably 80, it wasn't pleasant.

Oh, and that "geriatic" stage that Mr. Diamond has is completely cool.  Can you believe it moves him up and down the stage as he performs.  Awesome.  I need one of those.

Thank you, my dear Mr. Finn for giving me a great evening out.  With you! (and Neil)


Shannon said...

HOW FUN! I am jealous... I would have been crying, too, hearing "Coming to America" live. What a sweet husband you have!

thehallebunch2 said...

Nice mom!! Soo happy Mr. Finn took you out and you had a great time!

Tamaratravel said...

I love surprises like that..they spice up the relationship...Spice baby...

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Who's Neal Diamond??? Ha!ha! Just kidding! That sounds amazing! Its so nice to remember how it is to be childless! I sometimes miss those days! I wouldnt change them but I miss them ever now and then! Good job to your husband! He did good! Even getting a babysitter! Now thats TRUE love!!! :) lol

The White House said...

I bet that was an awesome concert. I love neil. I am so glad you got to go.

Williamson Fam said...

Well I guess we both got diamonds for Christmas! Glad you had a great time!