Sunday, December 7, 2008


I liked how confident Becky was feeling after some practice.  Mr. Finn is a good brother.

Becky on the right.  I was on the left, but Ralph shot the ones that are closer to the bullseye.  I am not the best shot, but I could definitely cause some damage to a kneecap.
It was a windy day and I thought the flags were cool
Check her out!  Looks like she means business.

It is official!  We have two very adorable children, but they definitely belong to the "homebody" club. 

We went to Mr. Finns sister's house for the weekend to just sit and visit.  Our children were good for a short while and then the "I want to go home" started.  First from the Dude and then from Miss Boo.  They love visiting their cousin Mimi, but they love their own beds just as much.  At least that is true for the Dude.  Miss Boo likes her computer games and especially her stuff.

Mr. Finn and I both agreed that we had a relaxing time and was probably one of our best visits to the relatives.   They live in a beautiful home that overlooks a wildlife refuge.  Miss Boo and I would sit in the chaise and watch the birds in the morning.  She declared it was the best spot ever and even got to see a woodpecker.

We went to the shooting range on Saturday to get in some target practice and just get comfortable with a gun.  Yes!  I do own a gun and am proud of it.  I just need to feel secure when my hubby is out of town.  I am fiercely protective of my children and would hate knowing I could have prevented something from happening to them.  
Therefore...I am prepared.  I just needed to get more comfortable with it.  It's kind of like a new bra, you have to try it on to see if it fits right and there won't be any malfunction or operator error.

I had one of those moments with my SIL (sister in law) Becky that reconfirmed why I love being with her.  For those that don't know, I graduated from High School with her, so I have known her for a very long time.   Sidebar over...we were in Target and found this great dress by Isaac Mizrahi that we both liked.  So we decided to try it on, but in our respective sizes of course.  As we walked out of the dressing rooms we both burst into laughter.  You have to get the full picture, she is about 5'4" petite and I am 5'7" not so much, in other words we are built completely different.  Even then, the dress looked awful on both of us for very different reasons.  I am glad she likes to do that kind of thing, after all, it was a $60 dress on sale for $14.95.  Who wouldn't try it on and give it a go?

It was a great trip, wish we had more time.  Thanks for having us.  Come visit soon!


Esther Pugmire said...

Sounds like a fun trip. It's always fun to hang out with siblings and cousins, fun and stressful, that is. My kids' favorite people to visit are their cousins!

Williamson Fam said...

I wouldn't doubt you could get someone's kneecaps. Glad you had a nice visit with family.

Cuzin Mimi said...

I love you Aunt Robin!! Sorry I didn't get to give up a proper goodbye!!

Shannon said...

Your comments about your "homebodies" reminded me of Joe. He could never make it more than an hour at someone else's house before he wanted to go home. He just loved to sit on our couch and play with his action figures.

As for the gun, the airport security better look out... ;)