Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Reflections

These are some of our traditions and the things that have given me reflection on this Christmas Eve.

Beautiful poinsetta from Becky.  Thanks so much.
Christmas cans filled with goodies for the neighbors. (made with recycled Christmas cards and paper.)

Kings have Jesters to taste their foods.   Santa has one of these...
...and one of these!
Traditional Santa cookie plate.

Rosey has a Holiday Tree that she decorates according to her wishes.

Our front door that is open to all.

Bells hung on our front porch to ring in the New Year!

We were blessed with a beautiful sunset in Christmas colors.

Our Cozy little neighborhood wrapped in a blanket of snow.  (Natalie, you can see your back porch from this view.)


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Shannon said...

So pretty... Merry Christmas!